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4176 S Rhett

North Charleston







Property Description

Located fewer than 10 miles north of the downtown Charleston peninsula, Park Circle is just as much fun to explore! The residential area is a lively mix of historic, mid-century, and new homes interwoven with many green spaces and parks, making it highly walkable and inviting. Park Circle has a growing collection of local businesses to explore – great restaurants, bars, and shops. If you care to venture out of the neighborhood, you’ll find that it's an easy drive to downtown Charleston, the beaches, and the airport. Park Circle is a growing community! The surrounding area is changing rapidly, so you may see some homes that are unrenovated or under construction on your drive in. Overall, it is a beautiful and safe area that locals love to explore as much as visitors!

Ready to book?

We are currently working hard on being able to provide direct bookings through our website. For now, please contact

or (843) 405-7542.

You can also visit the Airbnb listing for more information and availability. 

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